Bus Battery in Storage Catches Fire


Smoke from a battery storage area at the Metropolitan Transit District yard attracted employees’ attention Tuesday morning. Firefighters responded at around 9:30 a.m. to East Cota and Salsipuedes Road, and they discovered MTD employees putting out the fire with chemical extinguishers and a Class D alloy extinguisher.

It required “appreciable effort” before the battery fire was put out. The Fire Department commended the MTD employees’ fast actions with the battery fire. Paramedics at the scene evaluated and declined further treatment. With fires, Captain Gary Pitney, City Fire public information official said the public was made more aware of lithium-ion batteries.

They store a good deal of electricity in a really small space and can discharge quickly if short circuited, creating fires. If you encounter this kind of fire, it cans securely cool down.

Large Lithium-ion Batteries after Catching Fire

It is good to see how the MTD staff were knowledgeable enough to deal with the fire as best as they could, but we find this is rare and everyone should be taught about this, even if part of a school fire safety program as so many of these fires are likely to be in the home.


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