Day: October 13, 2016

many galaxy note 7 have been catching fire

Why do lithium-ion batteries catch fire?

Science behind the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 misfortunes Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is just the most recent in a long line of contraptions suddenly bursting into flames. Indeed, even the frameworks utilised as a part of planes aren’t safe. In any case, there’s one thing those contraptions have a tendency to have, a lithium battery. […]

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a devastating house fire caused by a lithium battery

Why Hoverboards Keep Exploding

We are showing an article from a few months ago, as you will see, there are many concerns with hoverboards, this article advises to keep a fire extinguisher handy, however, this will not help if you leave a device on charge unattended (not advisable but happens). This can be completely avoided with the Fire Protect […]

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