a selection of different samaung galaxy note 7

Galaxy Note 7 battery fire testing was Samsung’s own doing.

There’s still lots of mystery surrounding the Galaxy Notice 7‘s battery catastrophe. Samsung is still attempting to figure out the origin of the combusting batteries, and it’s nevertheless unsure why the second round of purportedly safe Notice 7s had the exact same problem as the first batch. Nevertheless, we may be getting just a little […]

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Bus Battery in Storage Catches Fire

Smoke from a battery storage area at the Metropolitan Transit District yard attracted employees’ attention Tuesday morning. Firefighters responded at around 9:30 a.m. to East Cota and Salsipuedes Road, and they discovered MTD employees putting out the fire with chemical extinguishers and a Class D alloy extinguisher. It required “appreciable effort” before the battery fire […]

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Keep yourself, family and loved ones safe with a Fire Protect Bag. We will be selling small ones for smartphones and ecigarettes and larger ones for tablets and ipads

Time For the Smartphone Fire Protect Bag

With Brands Like Samsung Bursting into Flames, we’re Launching the Mobile and Tablet Fire Protect Bag! Only £9.99 (approx $12) for Mobile and £14.99 ($18) for Tablets and Free Worldwide Delivery! With Samsung recalling millions of phones due to a risk of them exploding, and our holdall size Fire Protect Bag being too large and overkill for […]

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many galaxy note 7 have been catching fire

Is Fast Charging to Blame for the Smartphone Explosions?

Samsung Note 7 Battery Explosions: Is “Fast Charging” Tech To Blame? “Whatever the cause, we see this as the thin side of the wedge and will be releasing a smaller Fire Protect Bag for Smartphones and Tablets to Stop a potentially bigger issue than exploding hoverboards!”                 Nobody; […]

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the galaxy note 7 pictured after exploding, see how the battery pack has exploded, expanded and shattered the screen

Will My Phone Explode? Answers to Your Lithium-Ion Battery Questions

As Samsung removes the Galaxy Note 7, it is time for an introduction on smartphone batteries. If you’ve seen images of scorched Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, you would be right to question the potential dangers of the smartphone you have in your pocket. Whilst experts say that, aside from the now-discontinued smartphone, there is nothing […]

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Even after being UL certified, Smart Gear, Xtreme, Groundspeeder and Vertigo hoverboards were recalled due to risk of explosion

Two Years on, Hoverboard Explosions Still a Threat!

Zulily hoverboard recall issued over fears of explosions.  A new hoverboard recall has been issued today over fears of explosions and fires. This is the second year that hoverboards are posing a danger to people and their families.  Hoverboards are still under scrutiny after explosions and incidents (stock picture) There has been a real panic […]

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many galaxy note 7 have been catching fire

Why do lithium-ion batteries catch fire?

Science behind the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 misfortunes Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 is just the most recent in a long line of contraptions suddenly bursting into flames. Indeed, even the frameworks utilised as a part of planes aren’t safe. In any case, there’s one thing those contraptions have a tendency to have, a lithium battery. […]

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a devastating house fire caused by a lithium battery

Why Hoverboards Keep Exploding

We are showing an article from a few months ago, as you will see, there are many concerns with hoverboards, this article advises to keep a fire extinguisher handy, however, this will not help if you leave a device on charge unattended (not advisable but happens). This can be completely avoided with the Fire Protect […]

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a 3D CAD drawing of the fire protect bag in the early stages of development

Our Crowdfunding Campaign

The Fire Protect Bag Crowdfunding Campaign Starting Soon! We are to be launching a crowdfunding campaign for the Fire Protect Bag at the end of the month, we are doing this because we are new and we want to get as many people on board as possible.  If you want to be kept in the […]

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the fire protect bag is the most effective solution for stopping hoverboard and lithium batter fires in seconds!

An Introduction to the Fire Protect Bag

Welcome to the Fire Protect Bag website, after seeing how successful the hoverboards were in such a short space of time I was a big fan of them; then after seeing almost on a daily basis the reports of explosions and house fires caused by faulty hoverboards.This really troubled me as a fan and regular […]

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