IPhone 6 battery explosion and fire leaves owners with burns

All Lithium-ion Batteries are a risk, even Big Brands.
All Lithium-ion Batteries are a risk, even Big Brands.
All Lithium-ion Batteries are a risk, even Big Brands.







Thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy that is bursting Note 7 smartphone that pushed the large South Korean business to recall the handset just weeks after it went on sale, we’re all more conscious than ever that smartphone batteries can explode. There are tonnes of reasons why it occurs.

In the case of the Galaxy Notice 7, a manufacturing fault was not irresponsible. Battery age and physical harm may also lead to smartphones catching fire and batteries blowing up.

The iPhone isn’t spared either. It ’s an iPhone 6s that’s exploded.  A reader informed Phone Arena that he was out with some buddies when all of a sudden his iPhone 6s caught burning. The telephone was sitting in his rear pocket, burned through his jeans and triggered second-degree burns on the left side of his body and on his left index finger. The person was handled in the A&E, according to his claims. The iPhone apparently exploded outside business hours, therefore the next day he contacted Apple about it. He’s hoping that his phone is replaced by Apple, Phone Arena says. The image above reveals the remains of the handset. The iPhone seems to be torn apart, but that’s around everything one can say about it since it’s totally unclear from the photograph what occurred to the telephone. It’s not also clear what triggered the explosion currently. As Apple will need to understand why the phone supposedly exploded an investigation will surely follow.

What We Say?

The article really needs little summary, all phones are a potential risk and all products which use Lithium-ion batteries are a potential fire risk and people need to become aware of the risks.

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