Galaxy Note 7 battery fire testing was Samsung’s own doing.

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There’s still lots of mystery surrounding the Galaxy Notice 7‘s battery catastrophe. Samsung is still attempting to figure out the origin of the combusting batteries, and it’s nevertheless unsure why the second round of purportedly safe Notice 7s had the exact same problem as the first batch. Nevertheless, we may be getting just a little insight into how these battery defects went undetected in the first place, today. Batteries for cell phones have to go through an extensive testing process that is pretty tough to get CTIA certification.








Samsung is among the only producers that have their own CTIA screening facility, meaning that the batteries for the Galaxy Note 7 weren’t analysed by a third party. While manufacturers send their batteries for screening to an offsite location, Samsung has tested batteries in-house since 2009. Whether or not these faults would have now been uncovered by a third party is not known, although Samsung says it will be creating changes that are significant to its examining procedures.

The business didn’t say if that means it is going to start using third-parties for battery testing. As Eddie Forouzan, who’s a member of the committee that came up with battery testing standards, tells the Wall Street Journal, having manufacturing companies examine their batteries that are own in-house potentially opens the door for conflicts of curiosity. Thus, although a third party certification facility may not have found these dilemmas, this is merely another layer of trouble for Samsung. For its portion, the business is still working to determine what went incorrect.

Samsung says its “ working to find the cause, therefore hopefully we have these answers shortly.”

Our Opinion

We would suggest that Samsung and other manufacturers use both in-house and third-party evaluation of their screening, that would be the most effective way to ensure battery safety.  But regardless of the manufacturer’s reputation, all lithium-ion batteries are a fire hazard and will be for the foreseeable future.  If you have any questions please do contact us.

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