Day: October 24, 2016

the galaxy note 7 pictured after exploding, see how the battery pack has exploded, expanded and shattered the screen

What to Do If Your Cellphone Catches On Fire

As Samsung works to replace millions of Galaxy Note 7 apparatus amid reports of overheating and bursting batteries, we were interested: What should you do if your smartphone begins to overheat, smoke, or, worse, truly catch fire? Sadoway helped describe the science behind bursting batteries. His advice for overheating cellphones? First, if the unit is […]

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All Lithium-ion Batteries are a risk, even Big Brands.

Another iPhone 7 Plus battery explosion

An iPhone 7 burst into flames a few days ago, according to images posted on the web by the owner. It’s unclear as of this time what triggered the event, and apprehension shouldn’t be noted by you just yet. The iPhone 7 doesn’t seem to have a widespread issue like Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, but […]

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