Day: October 16, 2016

many galaxy note 7 have been catching fire

Is Fast Charging to Blame for the Smartphone Explosions?

Samsung Note 7 Battery Explosions: Is “Fast Charging” Tech To Blame? “Whatever the cause, we see this as the thin side of the wedge and will be releasing a smaller Fire Protect Bag for Smartphones and Tablets to Stop a potentially bigger issue than exploding hoverboards!”                 Nobody; […]

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the galaxy note 7 pictured after exploding, see how the battery pack has exploded, expanded and shattered the screen

Will My Phone Explode? Answers to Your Lithium-Ion Battery Questions

As Samsung removes the Galaxy Note 7, it is time for an introduction on smartphone batteries. If you’ve seen images of scorched Samsung Galaxy Note 7s, you would be right to question the potential dangers of the smartphone you have in your pocket. Whilst experts say that, aside from the now-discontinued smartphone, there is nothing […]

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